ENMP082E Internal reader for package submission
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ENMP082E Internal reader for package submission


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Submitting package to internal ready using INTERNAL READER DDNAME clause defaulting to JCLOUT fails and message "ENMP082E  Internal reader for package submission could not be accessed" is issued.


Release : 18.1

Component : Endevor Software Change Manager

z/OS version is 1.13.


Endevor 18.1 introduced a check to ensure that the internal reader ddname specified in the SUBMIT command is allocated to an internal reader.
Technically, this is done by issuing a DYNALLOC macro with verb code 07 (dynamic information retrieval) and a text unit with key 0013 (DINRPARM - return SYSOUT program name).
This text unit is supported only from Z/OS 2.1 and above so version Z/OS 1.13 does not support it.
This causes the DYNALLOC macro to return an error (RC 12 "bad parameter list" and error code 0360 "invalid key specified in text unit") which in turn results in the SUBMIT PACKAGE action failing with "ENMP082E  Internal reader for package submission could not be accessed"



Since EOS for Z/OS 1.13 is 09/2016, it is neither supported by IBM nor by Endevor 18.1, z/OS must be upgraded to a supported version.

In the meantime, alternative would be to change the SUBMIT PACKAGE step into an IEBGENER step that copies to the internal reader a JCL to perform an EXECUTE PACKAGE action."

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