Error: "ACF61003 INVALID KEY - PWPHRASE: when inserting logonids'
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Error: "ACF61003 INVALID KEY - PWPHRASE: when inserting logonids'


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ACF2 - z/OS


A webservice calling a CICS assembler program returns the error "ACF61003 INVALID KEY - PWPHRASE". The CICS program uses ACFAEUCP and succeeds when inserting logonids with passwords, but fails when inserting logonids with a passphrase. Passing the same commands via TSO ACF command interface succeeds.


Component : ACF2 for z/OS


The ACALT svc request that is being issued is used to insert logonid records including fields within the logonid record. However, PASSWORD, NAME etc are fields that are defined in the logonid record. When a pwphrase is to be added the field is not added to the logonid record, it is added to the profile record after setting this mode:



The site CICS application must issue two separate svc calls to acf2: 

  1. the ACALT ACFSVC call to insert all the fields in the logonid record
  2. then the ACNTRY ACFSVC call to enter the fields that are in the profile  PWPHRASE records.

Details of the acntry acfsvc call can be found in ACF2 techdocs  

A much easier method of issuing this command is to issue an r_admin callable service pgm IRRSEQ00 with function 05 (run_cmnd)  request which allows you to issue a very simple command without having to issue any ACFSVC calls. The details of that request are provided in the IBM documentation. The format of the command  input would be the same as entered in the acf command processor.