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CABI Jasper upgrade requirement


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Spectrum


Client planning to upgrade existing CABI Jasper from 6.3.0 version to latest one. Kindly confirm the latest version to do the same.

Also they are upgrading CA PM from to 21.2.2 and CA spectrum from 10.4.0 to 21.2.2 on production. Please confirm whether to proceed.


PM Release : 3.7.x/20.2.x/21.2.x
Spectrum Release : 10.4.x/20.2.x/21.2.x


Please find the detail information:

Latest CABI release available is 7.1.1.x and it's supported only on Linux OS.

Whereas PM & Spectrum can also be upgraded to the latest release 21.2.x from your current releases.

But we would recommend you to first test it on the test environment and observe it for couple of days. Later once everything goes well, upgrade it on the production server.