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Dx-APM: node.js probe - Connection problems between probe and Hosting IA agent


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


We are having some problems with node.js probes communicating with their respective Infrastructure agent.  These apps are deployed on aws-eks.  The applications are deployed as a pod containing the node.js application container (with the node.js probe installed) and the Infrastructure agent deployed as a sidecar container also within that pod.  

The connection between the probe and agent seems sporadic and inconsistent with no metric telemetry relayed. 

The log show this message

Probe has disabled runtime metrics reporting because it could not validate Collector Agent version. Please check probe compatibility guide.



Release : SAAS

Component : Integration with APM


Old CA-APM-Probe 1.10.84


Customer was using an old probe.

 [email protected]


They implemented the CA-APM-Probe 2.0.3 and it was able to communicate with the APMIA.

Additional Information

If customer is using Node.js 12.15.0 and APMIA, they can use any of the ca-apm-probe versions (1.11.x or 2.0.3) but if they are using http protocol then they should use 2.0.3