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ServiceNow connector refresh procedures for ServiceNow cut-over to Rome Release


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


We currently have servicenow connector V 4.6.1 in place and working with ServiceNow Paris Release.  The ServiceNow team is going to cut-over to Rome release this Friday night. We have tested in the Dev environment that V 4.6.1 works with Rome release just fine. Can you please let me what is the proper procedure to refresh the connector after the ServiceNow cut-over?

Will a restart of the ServiceNow connector be enough? Or if I need to remove the connector from the admin page and then restart the connector service?  Or if I need to remove connector data from the database first which will require a stop of SOI services?  


Release : 4.2

Component : SERVICENOW


Production env currently have the latest SN connector in place.

Before the cut-over, stop the SN connector and restart the connector after the cut-over.


As long as the MdrElementID for the CIs are the same in the new env there's no need to remove the old from the SN connnector.