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Since Upgrading Spectrum to NetOps 21.2.4, User Role capability has changed


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Since upgrading our Spectrum environment to 21.2.4  administrator users are no longer able to create new users in certain groups. The option to create a new user is greyed out.


Release : 21.2.4+

Component : Spectrum OneClick


  • From 21.2.4 onward, the privileges of administrator users have changed to only allow limited actions on different DX NetOps Spectrum user and user groups.
  • A superuser can perform all actions on all the user types and user groups. The User tab is disabled for the operator or service manager users.


  • NetOps 21.2.4 introduced changes to user security. Administrator users are no longer able to create new Administrator users nor make another user a superuser.
  • When creating a user the 'Administrator' license is now only available to superusers.
  • Administrator users will not see the option:

  • This also means that if a User Group has the 'Administrator' license assigned the Administrator user will no longer be able to create a user.
  • Administrator unable to create a new user in a group that would grant the new user administrator access:

  • Administrator is allowed to create a new user in a group that does not have the Administrator license (Operator  and/or Service Manager):

  • A superuser can create new administrator users or Groups with the 'Administrative' license:

An Administrative user is now unable to change the password of another administrative user preventing the possibility of gaining access to another account assigned more privileges

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