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How to allow certain files based on Content Analysis exception (for example password protected files)


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ASG-S500 ProxySG Software - SGOS ASG-S400 ASG-S200 ISG Proxy


The customer as some requirement to authorize the download of encrypted files.

How can this be achieve in a Proxy SG policy?


In this example, the administrator has chosen to allow access to files that fail scanning because of password protection.

The scanning property must use the optional fail_open setting, and that the rules must also allow an error code of none. Also, the example assumes a user-defined exception page named virus_scan_failure.

response.icap_service(virus_scan, fail_open)

response.icap.error_code=!(none, password_protected) exception(virus_scan_failure)

The reponse.icap.error_code condition is detailed on the "ProxySG Content Policy Language Reference" documents [1][2].

Additional Information

[1] ProxySG Content Policy Language Reference (CPL7.2 PDF)

[2] ProxySG Content Policy Language Reference (ProxySG_CPL_73.PDF)