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API Gateway: Replication setup failed with "Error changing master settings" message


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CA API Gateway


The replication setup for Gateway 10.1 with SSG DB on an external MySQL failed with the following message:


Error changing master settings

Message: mysql: [Warning] Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.

ERROR 1777 (HY000) at line 1: CHANGE MASTER TO MASTER_AUTO_POSITION = 1 cannot be executed because @@GLOBAL.GTID_MODE = OFF.


Release : 10.1

Component : API GATEWAY


The GTID_MODE was not turned on in the external MySQL 8 server.


The Gateway 10 and above supports GTID_MODE for MySQL server and this mode is required for the replication to work. The "my.cnf" file, which is shipped with the Gateway OVA, has all the required settings to turn this GTID_MODE on during replication setup.

If you are using your own or any other MySQL that is not shipped with the Gateway then the "my.cnf" will not have the required setting to enable this GTID_MODE. In this case, you need to copy the "my.cnf" file from the Gateway appliance and then modify it as needed.

During the replication setup, the script will set the gtid_mode to ON in the "my.cnf" file.