Top Secret Error TSS0390E Unexpected Error, Code = 075
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Top Secret Error TSS0390E Unexpected Error, Code = 075


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Top Secret - VSE


When maintaining users, we received the indicated error message and the impacted user cannot log in and the admin is unable to access the impacted users ACID information.

Top Secret Error TSS0390E Unexpected Error, Code = 075


Release : 3.0



User was preforming maintenance processes on multiple userids or profiles. The job was performing multiple changes and there was a system error and an abend occurred.

The following error message was generated:

Error TSS0390E Unexpected Error, Code = 075

The message manual say this should never occur and there are several abend codes that could be generated.

In this case the "In storage" component of TSS which controls pointers and addresses to various functions and storage related to TSS was now corrupted. Without extensive diagnostics and logs pertaining to the incident it is difficult to determine what area was corrupted. However, the database is not affected and the changes in process during the failure were not saved. This kept the database from corruption.

A recycle of the TSS address space resolves the storage corruption since it reloads everything new at restart. In some cases customers have simply IPLd the partition. Either method will result in the resolution.