How to see the UIM deployment history.
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How to see the UIM deployment history.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We would like to see the deployment history and which robots the deployment failed. 


If using AC, go to the hub > Deployment Activity > click the box with the arrow icon to export. 

If using IM, go to Tools > Distribution:
to see all deployments > double click 'system' (in the upper right pane) or go to View > View Log.  
to see deployments for a specific package > double click the packag in the list (in the lower right pane).

To get a copy of a deployment, click a deployment then right click > Ctrl+c or Edit > Copy to Clipboard. 
Note: only one deployment at a time may be copied. 


Additional Information

Note: By default distsrv keeps a 10 day old history. This can be increased to 60 via Distribution > Tools > Setup. If you would like a permanent record of the deployment click the box 'Enable automatic cleanup' so it is not selected. 

In raw configure it is keep_history_days, and it is maintained in $\distsrv\jobs_history.db. The side of the local db may impact performance.