NCM Load Firmware task does NOT start through FTP
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NCM Load Firmware task does NOT start through FTP


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


We have some Cisco devices which we want to configure firmware uploads but we are not successful. We can run TFTP uploads but in our environment, TFTP is unstable, hence why we want FTP to function. 

We checked NCM logs and TCPDUMP of the transfer but was not able to determine the cause. 


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Applications


The device does not support FTP


Spectrum checked the following OID for device FTP support




and ciscoFlashCopyProtocol ( )


Enable .vnmrc NCM debugging to check device protocol supportability: 


Add the line ncm_debug=true

Restart SS or use CLI command to reload .vnmrc:

Reproduce the issue and check VNM.OUT log for errors. 

If device is not supporting, you may see messages like the following: 

Dec 08 12:37:44 NCM_HOST_CONFIG TRACE at Action to determine device support has started
The device (0x4021060) does not support the default family protocol of Unknown
Device 0x4021060 ( Supports MIB or Script Firmware Upload: FALSE


- this is not a Spectrum issue

- problem must be resolved on the device-side


You can check the snmpset failure reason with the help of wireshark . The error-status and  error-index  in get_response from the device  after snmp_set packet gives the reason for snmp_set request failure . The error-status and error-index may not help fully understand snmp-set request rejection at the device side.