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Hardware/Software Compatibility for Clarity - What is Supported - navigate the Release Notes


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Considering an upgrade for Clarity, and would like to know if the OS, database, Java, Tomcat would work with the new release. Or need to upgrade Java/Tomcat for a vulnerability and need to know if this would be supported

How to determine what is supported exactly and what not, and how to navigate the Release Notes


Release : Any


  • To understand whether or not your OS / database / environment would be supported, verify the Release notes for the release you're trying to upgrade to.
  • Example : Release Notes for 16.0  - If this is not the exact release you're looking for, simply switch the version number in the lookup on top
  • Note the sections that include supported platforms and components for Clarity and for Jaspersoft
  • "Compatible" means the version is supported, "Certified" means the version is supported with and the application has been explicitly tested with it
  • Any component that is not listed specifically, is not supported
  • "or higher patch level" means that it is accepted to install the higher patch level but not a version level
  • If a specific version is indicated only, then higher patches are not supported
  • Please ensure you follow the Compatibility Matrix and the Supported Upgrade paths as ensuring that would avoid issues with the application and the upgrade