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Email Notification: Approval points to old VIP IP


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)



We use 4.0.1 with email settings. We want to setup dual approval.

But email notification points to old vip IP



Release : 4.0

Component : PAM 4.0.1


Once PvP is created and assigned, we test on 1 account.


Email is sent fine.

Do not reply to this email.

A password view request has been submitted with the following details:
Requestor : [email protected]
Requested Account: d-pam-dev
Requested Account Target Application Name:
Requested Account Target Server:
Requested Account Target Device Name:
SSO Type: Any
Request Reason: Severity 1: Manual recovery from server outage (Test)
Start Date: 2021-12-09 14:54:00 CET
End Date: 2021-12-09 15:54:00 CET

Click here to Approve this Request

Click here to Deny this Request


However URL of the approval/deny is pointing to old VIP of primary cluster.

If we check current clustering settings, VIP IP is:


Here you can see VIP IP is xx.xx.163.139.

But the URL in email points to old VIP: xx.xx.164.140 , which was initially used as VIP when we created the DEV environment.

Where does PAM grab this piece of information in the first place?



You must inform this settings under :

Settings > Credential Manager > Email Template > One Click approval server host.