Alarm not generated in the console when using email2alarm custom probe
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Alarm not generated in the console when using email2alarm custom probe


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We are using a custom probe (email2alarm) to read Gmail inbox and convert to an alarm.
As per my observation, the 'email2alarm' probe has generated the 'Alarm ID' but it was not converted to an alarm. 
Need your help to investigate, why the nas probe has no alert triggered in the console.
email2alarm log (few lines) (server time UTC zone):
Dec 09 10:34:38:552 [Thread-11711, e2a-cd-pipeline] Critical Notification
Dec 09 10:34:38:553 [Thread-11711, e2a-cd-pipeline] Alarm raised with ID :: SK43987936-46511
Dec 09 10:34:38:553 [Thread-11711, e2a-cd-pipeline] FAILURE: Job '<jobname> - Build #[14583]' ::
Job '<jobname>  Build #[14583]' - [FAILURE!]!^M
          Namespace validation failed. Cannot run the pipeline for team <team_name>.
Dec 09 10:34:38:553 [Thread-11711, e2a-cd-pipeline] Reading subject: FAILURE: Job '<job_name> - Build #[14583]'
Dec 09 10:34:38:553 [Thread-11711, e2a-cd-pipeline] Reading message body:
Job 'dockcp/pipeline-test-gpus1/pipeline_compose with Build #[14583]' - [FAILURE!]!^M


  • Release: 20.3
  • email2alarm probe


  • field or community developed custom probe not supported


The email2alarm probe is an old custom probe developed in the field and/or from the DXIM community. It is not officially supported nor has it been tested in a long time.

You may consider posting a message to the community as there have been a few discussions on getting this probe to work in the past.
Pre-requisites NMS 4.xx. This probe is designed to be deployed and run on any Windows 32-bit server that has the NMS Robot installed.
Perl 5.10.x must be installed on the server.

Recommended: ActiveState Perl ActivePerl- MSWin32-x86-287188.msi.
Note: You may have to reboot the server to ensure that the C:\Perl\bin entry has been added to the PATH and is recognized by all components.
Also, the current version of the SDK_Perl probe must be deployed and running on the server.

Additional Information

Its possible that the email2alarm potentially sent some corrupt messages.

This can stop the NAS queue from processing correctly.

Check with DrNimBUS using "Show Header" as you may have to clear the first several messages in the NAS queue, using Dr.NimBus queue option (green + arrow).

Then restart the NAS probe 1 or more times.