USERID not printing in Apache Logs SPS 12.8
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USERID not printing in Apache Logs SPS 12.8


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Application is migrated  from webagent based to SPS.

On websever we had below logformat and UserID was getting printed in Apache logs on webserver.

LogFormat "%h %{X-Forwarded-For}i %l %{SM_UNIVERSALID}i %u %t %D \"%r\" %>s %b" common

 After migrating application from webagent to SPS , we have configured same Logformat on SPS apache but we are unable to print the userid with SM_UNIVERSALID or SM_USER Hedear on SPS.

share a solution which can be used to fulfil this requirement.


Release : 12.8.05

Component :


1. In Webagent there is a default component Filter ( DLL) and this helps to get the USERID Printed in the Apache Access Log. 

2 . The same component will not be available in the SPS Apache and that is the reason the Header will not updated in the Apache Access Log ,

3. So, The header cannot be printed in the Apache Access log when the application is based on SPS,