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Need info on the sqlserver probe version changes in 5.45 HF1


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Please let us know, what was added in the sqlserver probe v5.45 H1 when compared to the 5.45 version.


Release : 20.3

Component :


- Guidance


The probe and release notes for 5.45HF1 are available at the Hotfix site:

UIM Hotfix Index

Here is a copy of the sqlserver probe release notes.

sqlserver Probe Hotfix 
Probe Version : 5.45-HF1
MCS Probe Template version : 5.46
Release Date: 13 July 2021

Added support for AlwaysOn Availability Group metrics in MCS - SQL Server (Enhanced) template.

Steps to apply the patch:

1. Import the probe (v5.45-HF1) zip into the local archive.
2. Deploy the imported package to the robot system. 
3. Import the Probe template package(v5.46) into the local archive.
4. Deploy the imported package to the robot system.
5. Migrate the probe template package from 5.45 to 5.46

Fixed Defects:
DE487551: (Converted to UserStory) 32429450 - KPN B.V.(2001566) - Since the latest SQL probe, no AlwaysOn Availability Group metrics are collected.