Unable to purge Chargeback GL Transactions
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Unable to purge Chargeback GL Transactions


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The CBK_GL_TXNS and CBK_GL_TXN_VALUES are extraordinarily large and contain records from over 10 years worth of data with both being over 100 million of records.  How to implement a purge strategy to remove unwanted records to speed up the Invoice processing jobs?  Purge Financial Tables job does not delete Chargeback GL Transactions


  1. On a system with large amount of GL Transactions >190 million rows) run the Generate Invoice job
  2. Note it takes several hours and look into reducing some of those records
  3. Run Purge Financial Tables job

Expected Results:  CBK_GL_TXNS and CBK_GL_TXN_VALUES should also be included in the Financial Tables purge or have another job to do it.

Actual Results: CBK_GL_TXNS and CBK_GL_TXN_VALUES are not included and can grow very large on some systems, and have to be cleaned up manually


Release : 15.8.x, 15.9.x, 16.0


This is DE63412, reviewed by Engineering, this is going to be addressed by future work