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Problems downloading the File Type Analyzer for Data Loss Prevention


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Data Loss Prevention


Having problems downloading the File Type Analyzer when searching for the file on the Broadcom portal


Release : DLP 15.7.x  and DLP 15.8.x

Component : File Type Analyzer


The "Symantec Data Loss Prevention Detection Customization Guide" references "The File Type Analyzer is included in the Symantec_DLP_X.x_Platform_(OS) file that
can be downloaded from" 

The URL is no longer valid


  1. Navigate to the new software portal
  2. Once logged in search for "Data Loss Prevention" choose the corresponding version of DLP your currently utilizing in the environment, you will download the Windows installers:  Symantec_DLP_X.x_Platform_(OS)
  3. Once unzipped you can follow the path in Windows Explorer: Symantec_DLP_X.x_Platform_Win-IN_X.x\DLP\15.x\
  4. You can see the File_Type_Analyzer directory in this location, once opened you will find the fileanalyzer_windows-x64_4_0_1.exe