How to download VIP user reports from VIP Manager.
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How to download VIP user reports from VIP Manager.


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VIP Service


How to download VIP end-user and credential data from VIP Manager.




VIP Manager


  1. Login to the VIP Manager
  2. Click on the Users tab.
  3. Click Export to CSV link.
  4. Choose user detail or user summary report.

  5. the User Detail report lists each credential assigned to a user on a separate row and contains these details:
    1. User ID: VIP User ID as it appears in VIP Manager
    2. User State: Current state of the user. (enabled, disabled, locked). 
    3. First Name, Last Name, Employee ID, Email, Department: Values added to VIP Manager by the VIP EG LDAP synchronization to aid when searching for users.
    4. Last Validated: Timestamp when the user last validated. A blank value indicates no user validations.
    5. Groups: User Group(s) the user is a member of. 
    6. Temporary Security Code Expires: Timestamp when an issued temporary security code will expire. A blank value indicates no active temp codes are assigned.  
    7. Credential ID: Credential ID of the VIP token(s) assigned to the user. 
    8. Credential Type: Form factor of the Credential ID. 
    9. Credential State: State of the VIP credential (enabled, disabled, inactive, locked)
    10. Credential Name: Friendly name of the VIP credential. 
    11. VIP Access Push: Capability of the VIP Access for Mobile to receive PUSH notifications. 
    12. Credential Registered: Timestamp when the VIP credential was assigned to the user. 
    13. OS: The operating system the VIP Access for Mobile app is installed on. 
    14. Browser: Detected browser (when used with IA).
    15. Credential Last Validated: Timestamp when the credential was used to validate the user. 
    16. Credential Binding State: N/A, not currently used.
    17. Client Version: VIP Access for Mobile client version