View - Sending Deliver processed output directly to View
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View - Sending Deliver processed output directly to View


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We have a monthly job that generates a lot of output which fills up the spool with use of Deliver ARCHn=class/dest/form.

Is there a way to send the output directly to View instead of writing to spool?


Release : 14.0

Component : View


As the client was using Deliver pre-spool processing for the the report in question, which was avoiding the spool, the only other way to avoid use of spool would be to do a direct write of the report to the View disk layer, using Deliver RMOPARM:

 . ARCHn=DIRECT/view_db_hlq

 With that, though there would be use of a lot of View disk layer space, which may be there or not, it would not involve using spool space. 

 As View would be backing the report up to tape at the next View backup (DAYS=xxxxxxx and TIME=hhmm), after that backup has run, you can go to View and delete the report from the disk layer only, using the "DD" command.