XCOM equivalent for Connect:Direct feature "RUNTASK"
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XCOM equivalent for Connect:Direct feature "RUNTASK"


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Have many production Connect:Direct jobs that send files from VSE to MVS, and then kick off a step on MVS that sends that file off to an FTP server to be forwarded outside the company. These jobs use a Connect:Direct feature called "RUNTASK".  Does XCOM for z/OS have a similar capability?


Release : 12.0

Component : XCOM Data Transport for z/OS



1. XCOM has user exits and "User Exit 1" (EXIT01) enables the execution of a user routine after completion of the transfer. 
That should equate to the Connect:Direct feature RUNTASK that sends the transferred file to the FTP server.
More details here:
Per above, when EXIT01 is enabled, for a locally initiated transfer it is only invoked when using TYPE=SCHEDULE and is not invoked when using XCOMJOB TYPE=EXECUTE.
For a remotely locally initiated transfer, it is always invoked when enabled.

2. XCOM for both z/OS and VSE supports 4 types of transfers, SEND FILE, RECEIVE FILE, SEND REPORT, and SEND JOB e.g. XCOM™ Data Transport® for z/OS 12.0 > Overview > Types of Transfers
The SEND JOB may be a good fit for what is required here, as it does not require any custom coding in assembler.
For a SEND JOB, the input is a file that contains JCL (or a SCRIPT in the case of a distributed platform) to be executed on the remote partner. In other words, you can submit a job to be executed on the remote partner.
The following is a sample of the SYSIN01 parameters which can be used to accomplish this submission:
//SYSIN01  DD *                              
IPNAME=tcp/ip.name.or.address               <= remote partner system
IPPORT=9999                                            <= remote partner listener port
LFILE=xxxxxxx.JCL.CNTL(IDCREPRO)    <= JCL to be submitted and executed 

Additional Information

The "CA XCOM Data Transport for z/VSE" documentation is located under the Techdocs "Legacy Bookshelves and PDFs" section here: