I applied PTF LU02771, but OAM/CBRUXENT is still not picking up new tape entries
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I applied PTF LU02771, but OAM/CBRUXENT is still not picking up new tape entries


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CA 1 Flexible Storage


I'm trying to add some new tape volsers into my VTL, but OAM is not picking up the new entered cartridges. No messages appear in OAM during the entry process. When I run the F OAM,Q,W,SUMMARY,ENTRY command, it shows one request waiting for processing. I also run the ACTIVE command, and it shows one Active request currently being processed.

A DS QLIB,LIST,QUEUE shows 'no library requests are queued'. DS QLIB,xxxxx shows connectivity to the LIBID, PORTID, and some of the tape drives. I have verified that all local tape drives are varied online. I have even varied them off/on again, and I have stopped/restarted OAM as well.  I understand that CA1 PTF LU02771 should resolve this problem due to PE LU00916, but I have this newer PTF applied and am still having problems with adding tapes (CAS9 we re-driven to reload TMSQSTS, OAM was recycled, and the system was even IPLed, all with no effect). 


Release : 14.0

Component : CA 1 Tape Management


The ALIAS 'CTSQSTS' for module TMSQSTS is referring to the old version of TMSQSTS instead of the current version of TMSQSTS (as evidenced by different TTR values for each of these entries in the CA1 **.CTAPLINK library). 


Even though PTF LU02771 was correctly installed, the module TMSQSTS was copied into the target LOADLIB (**.CTAPLINK) data set, but the ALIAS for this module was not also copied over into the target library, resulting in an incorrect reference to TMSQSTS by the CTSQSTS alias.  One symptom of this is that the TTR entry (as viewed from ISPF =3.4  'Data Set List Utility')  shows different values for the TMSQSTS module versus the CTSQSTS alias (both of these should match to be correct).  Here are three different methods to fix this problem: 

1) Use ISPF =3.3 (Move/Copy Utility) to copy the TMSQSTS module to the target **.CTAPLINK library, and on this panel select the following: 

Group  . . .                     /  Replace like-named members  
Type . . . .                      /  Process member aliases   

2) Run the following JCL to re-establish the alias for TMSQSTS: 

/LKED  EXEC  PGM=IEWL,                                    
//            PARM='NORENT,LET,LIST,SIZE=(512K,256K),NCAL'  
//SYSUT1   DD    UNIT=SYSDA,SPACE=(CYL,(5,1))              
//SYSPRINT DD   SYSOUT=*                                    
//SYSLIB   DD   DSN=YOUR.CA1.CTAPLINK,DISP=SHR                  
//SYSLIN  DD    *                                          
  INCLUDE SYSLIB(TMSQSTS)                                  
  SETCODE AC(1)                                            
  ALIAS   CTSQSTS                                          

3) Use IEBCOPY to copy module TMSQSTS to the target **.CTAPLINK library.  This utility will also automatically copy any associated aliases for this module.  

Additional Information

Note that when running the CAMODID utility to list out module information, this utility will NOT list out ALIAS info, thus the alias 'CTSQSTS' will not appear in the report, even though the following control card is specified: 


This result will obscure the cause of the problem described in this KD.