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How the auto-assign by location works in SDM


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How the auto-assign by location works in SDM



Release : 17.3

Component : SDM - Tickets (R/I/P/Chg/Iss)


Every time a ticket is created, SDM will search for users who belong to the group (and location) and it will assign based on the number of active tickets that the analyst have at that moment

SDM runs the following query to get the number of active tickets:

select count(id) as ticket_count, assignee from call_req 
where assignee in (
<IDs from group members available to take tickets>) and active_flag = 1 
group by assignee 

SDM will assign the ticket to an active analyst who has less value of active tickets. SDM does not consider the number of active cases assigned on the current day, it will consider the total of active cases.