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"aefuf: no available APPL pgm structure" message within Gen TE AEFUF log file


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Gen Gen - Run Time Distributed


What does the following message within the Gen Transaction Enabler Funnel AEFUF log file mean?  How may this be resolved?
'aefuf: no available APPL pgm structure

Example logging snippet:


10:00:00.141715==>rcvpgm: FUNN: UF fd = 4, Sock = 2, abcd11, sock04, Connection reset by peer
10:00:00.141720==>myclose: USER: UF fd = 3, Sock = 1, 
10:00:00.141760==>myclose: end
10:00:00.141780==>aefuf: Trying to connect to <( []:2009>

10:00:00.142265==>aefuf: Connected to <( []:2009>

10:00:00.142280==>aefuf: no available APPL pgm structure
10:00:00.142285==>Slots used: 0



Release : 8.6

Component : Gen Transaction Enabler, Distributed


The AEFUF log message 'aefuf: no available APPL pgm structure'  indicates that the Transaction Enabler Funnel AEFUF has lost its connection to the Transaction Enabler Daemon AEFAD, and the AEFUF should be restarted.

Reference the Gen 8.6 documentation link regarding the section 'Starting the AEFUF':