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Siteminder Policy Server and Adminui deployment on AWS and Registration


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CA Single Sign On Agents (SiteMinder)


Use Case :

- Policy Server and Adminui deployed on AWS cloud.
- The EC2 instances are repaved after a specific interval. 
- Siteminder policy server is running on a set of EC2 servers, which will be repaved every “x” days.
- Siteminder Admin UI is running on another set of EC2 servers, which would be repaved every “y” days.  

Do we need to re-register the Adminui each time the policy server and Adminui are repaved ?  Or the WAMUI is not bothered about the siteminder policy server IPs ? 



Release : Any 12.8 Release

Component :


Below mentioned are some of the cases where the existing registration between the Administrative UI and Policy Server becomes invalid and it requires the SM administrator to re-register for communication to happen.

· Data folder(derby db) in WAMUI deployment is deleted.
· Derby db holding stale data.
· SM Trusted host object holds an existing WAMUI IP address.

Registration happens with the host identifier(ex:- IP Address) of the policy server. Host identifier gets stored into Derby DB. Also, WAMUI IP address get stored into policy store objects. 
In case, policy server/WAMUI IP  gets changed then AdminUI cannot communicate with policy server with existing registration info , It needs re-registration.