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IDMSDMLC Local mode gets 0966 despite *RETRIEVAL option


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IDMS - Database


Running IDMSDMLC in Local mode and we specified the option *RETRIEVAL but still got 0966 saying the dictionary could not be readied (CV up with dictionary in Update mode).

DB002000 C1M6001: DB error in Module:IDMSSTOW at Offset:00000228
DB001031 C-6M6019: DB error 0966; Tbl:                  , Area:
         ErrSet:?, ErrTbl:?, ErrArea:DDLDCLOD


The *RETRIEVAL option affects the DDLDML area only.

Documentation for IDMSDMLC Precompiler options at Dictionary Ready Override says


Readies the DDLDML area for retrieval only and allows other concurrently executing run units to open the area in shared retrieval, shared update, protected retrieval, or protected update usage modes.
  However, in this case the Cobol program being processed contains IDMS SQL statements.  When a program contains SQL the DML preprocessor must STORE a load module called an RCM (Relational Control Module) in the DDLDCLOD.
  If the program contains SQL the DML preprocessor must be run under CV with the dictionary load area (DDLDCLOD) in Update mode OR the CV must be properly shutdown to allow the local mode DML preprocessor to store the RCM.