Not able to Test the Storage Device
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Not able to Test the Storage Device


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


 We are not able to test one particular storage device. We have verified ping status, telnet status and credentials also. we were able to test this device and fetch data one month back. Suddenly for last one month we are facing this issue.

from log:-

Nov 26 16:36:30:195 [CommandPoolExecutor_0_823, ibm_svc] WBEMException: CIM_ERR_FAILED
 Caused by: Received fatal alert: internal_error  at





Probe : IBM_SVC Version 1.11T4

Storage Type : V5030E (Not able to Test)

Storage Type : V7000 (Able to Test)


This error coming from IBM side and it is possibly related to making SSL connection to the HTTPS url based on involvement of SSLException. Enabled the  SSL for User from the IBM storage device.