New USERCHEK utility in RC/Migrator model services
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New USERCHEK utility in RC/Migrator model services


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RC/Migrator for DB2 for z/OS


When altering a table with a clone to add a new column and a new check constraint, the analysis must generate an ALTER TABLE DDL to add the column and the check constraint.
A CHECK DATA utility must be executed after the ALTER and before the online REORG of the tablespace.


The execution of the script fails when the online REORG is executed because the tablespace is in CHKP status and the table has a clone.


A new utility model has been produced called USERCHEK to ensure that the CHKP status is cleared after the ALTER of the table.

With this utility activated the CHECK DATA is generated after the ALTER TABLE DDL to add the column and the check constraint.

This will allow any following online REORG utility to complete.

PTF's LU00914 and LU01265 have been produced to implement this.

Additional Information

After apply the PTF's LU00914 for this problem, the following steps are required:
      1) Load the new hlq.CDBASAMP(RMMODTXT) into your model tables using the POST INSTALL task option: 'Load and Customize the Model Services Table'.
      2) This will generate a JCL job named hlq.CDBASAMP(ssid1325)
      3) Execute the JCL to generate a new model which will include the new utility USERCHEK.
      4) In RC/Migrator, go to 'Utility Model Services'.
         Update the new model that was just created above.
         Edit the user utility USERCHEK and delete any blank lines.
         Activate the user utility USERCHEK using the 'X' line command in the CMD column on the  utilities list inside the model. 
      5) Re-analyze the strategy to generate the online CHECK DATA.