Rally Webhook Body Changed
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Rally Webhook Body Changed


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Rally SaaS


Inspecting the body of a previous webhook with the body of a different webhook indicates that there are differences with regards to included field attributes.


Release : SAAS

Component : Webhooks


The payload will change dynamically depending on the fields present in the project.  The following scenarios will affect field visibility within the payload

1) A work item's parent project.  Since fields can be defined on a project-by-project basis, a work item that exists in one project may have a different set of fields than a work item in a different project.

2) Fields being added to a workspace.  If a new field is added to a workspace, then there will be new field information added to the webhook body.

3) Fields being hidden in a workspace/project.  When fields are hidden, then those fields will no longer be included in the webhook body.