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Compatibility between DX NetOPs spectrum and DX Operational Intelligence


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DX Operational Intelligence


What version of DX Operational Intelligence compatible with DX NetOps Spectrum21.2  ? 


Release : 21.3

Component :


Guide is not clear: Integrate With DX Operational Intelligence


DX OI SaaS and 21.x
Data Source Version Connector Version Download Location
Spectrum 21.2.x Spectrum Data Publisher 21.2.4

Note: Services data should be enabled in Spectrum Data Publisher only when Spectrum version is >=21.2.4
If the supported version of Spectrum Data Publisher is the same as the Spectrum version, you can download Spectrum Data Publisher from the OneClick Administration page -> Analytics Configuration.

OR download from
Spectrum 10.4.3.x and 10.4.2.x
Spectrum Data Publisher 21.2.2

Note: Alarm filtering option should be enabled in Spectrum Data Publisher only if Spectrum version is > 10.4.2.x
DX OI 20.2.x    
Data Source Version Connector Version Download Location
Spectrum 21.2.x, 10.4.3.x, 10.4.2.x Spectrum Data Publisher