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MSP save/upload fails for 300 tasks in a schedule


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While testing uploading Microsoft Project (MS Project  / MSP) tasks into Clarity, it fails to upload with about 300 tasks. In testing uploading/saving MS Project tasks into Clarity at 100 task increments, it failed at 300 tasks. The file that failed to upload had a size of 752 KB.

The message when trying to save the project back is "Project save failed"


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This is due to tasks starting at task row 301 missing Start and Finish dates (383 - 402 are just missing the finish dates). This happens when the tasks are created as manually scheduled tasks in MSP. For working with Clarity, it's required to have the setting in MSP set to have New tasks created as autoscheduled (versus manually scheduled) to ensure the dates get set properly. After the tasks are created, you can change them to manually scheduled. Manually scheduled tasks will have the blue thumbtack icon under the Task Mode column in MSP. 


  1. To fix the tasks in the project, you could change tasks 301 to 402 to autoscheduled or ensure they all have both start and finish dates.
  2. You would also need to make the below change so the issue doesn't reoccur with any new tasks created on the project:
    1. In MSP, go to File->Options
    2. Click on Schedule on the left-hand side
    3. Set 'New tasks created' to 'Auto Scheduled'
    4. Click OK'

Note: This change will need to be made for all existing projects separately. 

After completing the above steps for the current project to make this the default for new projects going forward:

    1. In MSP, go to File->Options
    2. Click on Schedule on the left-hand side
    3. Change Scheduling options from the existing project to 'All New Projects'
    4. Change 'New tasks created' to 'Auto scheduled'

Additional Information

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