How to setup, configure and use vmware templates
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How to setup, configure and use vmware templates


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Need to know how vmware probe monitoring templates work, because I’ve tested setting up some QOS/alarms in the template, but they are not being applied to the probe setup.


Release : 20.3+

Component : UIM - VMWARE

vmware probe version 7.16 or higher


- Guidance


Please review and follow the steps listed in the following UIM vmware probe techdoc.

vmware AC Apply Monitoring with Templates

Additional Information

Access the vmware metrics page for a list of vmware metrics categorized by Resource.

VMware Metrics

Also, here are some suggested KPIs that can be used:

VMware KPIs

VMware templates allow you to copy and define reusable sets of monitors for vCenter or ESX server resources:

  • Spectrum Template
    Enables the metrics required for interoperability with the Spectrum product.
  • UMP Metrics
    Enables VMware metrics for the Unified Monitoring Portal (UMP) Unified Dashboards / Lists - (Prior to UIM 20.3)
  • VM and Host Template
    Enables basic VM and host metrics - contains commonly used monitoring configurations that enable you to quickly apply monitoring for VMs and Hosts.

VMware Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)