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vmware profile removed but the vcenter model still exist in Spectrum


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have UIM integrated with Spectrum using spectrumgtw probe. The probe is configured with VMware Integration.

We deleted an old profile from vmware probe, and the vcenter was also deleted from Operator Console Inventory, but after two days the Vcenter Model is not deleted yet from Spectrum.

The model can not be manually deleted from Spectrum



Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - VMWARE


If the device no longer exist in Operator Console Inventory view, the spectrumgtw probe should remove the device from Spectrum on next synchronization.
The synchronization can be forced to run, restarting the spectrumgtw probe.

It is important to notice that the models created by the integration will be in OneClick under Universe->UIM Manager and UIM Inventory containers.

If the model is not under any of these containers, then, it is not part of the integration


In this case the models were not part of the integration, as they existed under a different container in OneClick.

To manually delete the model from Spectrum, it is first required to change the model EditModesMask (0x130cc) attribute to 0.

1. Select the model in Spectrum
2. In Component Details view, select the Attributes tab. Search for EditModesMask, and double click the attribute to move it to the right panel. Double click it in the right panel to edit it. Uncheck No Change and change the value to 0, and click OK

3. Right click the model in OneClick, and this time the Delete option will be available

4. Delete the Model.