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Data Connector import rule deletes computer resources


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IT Management Suite


The customer has created a data connector rule with source and import rule.
Customer is importing "users" (Type)

But when "Delete removed resources" is also selected, "Computer" (type) resources are being deleted (All of them)

When the checkbox "Delete removed resources" is not selected the import works fine (But the problem is that the users that have been removed from source stay in ITMS)


ITMS 8.5, 8.6


When import/export detects what to be deleted - it takes everything, that was imported previously by the "data source". 

If there are other rules (or the same rule had different definition to import computers before), that were importing computers from that data source - they are treated as "gone", when "user import" is performed - because resource type "user" will not "see" computers, that were created by first rule.



  • To avoid such situation - create rules and data sources "in pair", i.e. one data source - for one rule.
  • Or, don't use "delete" options for the rules, that are feeding data from same source.

The customer confirmed same source was used for computer import also.

The customer has created duplicate source (same DB same fields) for import user rule and the issue has not been observed since.