Changing default port for connection to the Internet Gateway
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Changing default port for connection to the Internet Gateway


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IT Management Suite


By default, port 443 is the port used to communicate between the Client Machine in CEM mode and the Internet Gateway.

Can this port be changed? Are there any other ports that can be used? For example, let's say we want to use port 550 in place of 443 can this be done?


ITMS 8.5, 8.6


By default, all requests are forwarded from the default HTTPS port 443 on the gateway when coming from the Client machines in CEM mode to port 4726 on the SMP Server.

Yes, you can use a different open port if you want but we usually recommend keeping the standard ports to facilitate future troubleshooting:

To configure the Internet gateway using the Symantec Management Platform Internet Gateway Configuration wizard if you are setting up a new Internet Gateway

  1. On the Internet gateway computer, in the Symantec Management Platform Internet Gateway Configuration wizard, on the IP addresses and Ports page, specify the appropriate IP address and ports, and then click Next.

2. On the Cloud-enabled Management Settings page (under SMP Console>Notification Server> Cloud-Enabled Management), configure the policy to specify the port to be used to connect to the Internet Gateway. If it is a new Internet Gateway, click on Add gateway and specify the desired port. If it is an existing Gateway, just Edit the current reference.

By default, the port for incoming connections is 443. However, you can specify a different port number if necessary. All of the specified port numbers must be TCP ports (these are numbered 1-65535).

If you have already an Internet Gateway, you can make the port change under the General tab.

You should use the IP address of the Internet gateway computer. You can specify only one port number and only one IP address. If you choose to use all available IP addresses, the same port number is used for all IP addresses.

If you decide to change the default external port (from the client machine to the internet gateway), as mentioned you will need to update the Cloud-enabled Management Settings page (under SMP Console>Notification Server>Cloud-Enable Management) to update the CEM policy so the clients can be aware of that new port.

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