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Get Latest Maintenance for OPS/MVS 14.0 encounters error due to missing Zowe 1.18.0 zip file


Article ID: 229735


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)


Using CSM (MSM) to download OPS/MVS 14.0 maintenance via the 'Get Latest Maintenance' successfully downloads the available OPS/MVS 14.0 ptfs, but encounters an error due to a missing Zowe 1.18.0 zip file from the server.



Release : 6.0

Component : Chorus Software Manager (CSM, MSM)


The Zowe 1.18.0 zip package introduced via Zowe PTF LU00046 is PE'd, and removed from the download's server directory.


The Zowe component ptf LU00046 (flagged as PE'd) that contains the file has been superseded by the resolving PTF LU00171's.  This resolving ptf Supe's the 1.18 zip file with the 1.19 version.  The fact that the 1.18 file is missing is moot, and can be ignored since the Zowe component's code is presented via these zip files with each higher version being comprehensive and sup'ing the previous version. The 'get latest maintenance' process for the OPS/MVS 14.0 Events Management & Automation product succeeded in downloading its available maintenance.