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Project Cost and Effort report not bringing back all projects


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


When running the Project Cost and Effort Report in Advanced Reporting the report is missing some projects.


Release : Any



The projects are missing from the inv_project table. This can happen if another job such as the Update Aggregated Data is running at the same time as the Load Data Warehouse (DWH) job.


  1. Make the Update Aggregated Data job incompatible with the Load DWH job
    1. In Classic Clarity, go to Administration->Data Administration->Reports and Jobs
    2. Click on the Load Data Warehouse job
    3. Click on the Incompatible Jobs tab
    4. Click Add
    5. Click the check box next to the Update Aggregated Data job
    6. Click Add
  2. Rerun the Load DWH Full job. 

Below is a complete list of jobs we recommend being incompatible with the Load DWH job 

  • Refresh Data Warehouse OData Model (SaaS)
  • Restore Domains Job
  • Create Data Warehouse Trend
  • Update Data Warehouse Trend
  • Delete Data Warehouse Trend
  • Time Slicing
  • Update Aggregated Data
  • Datamart Extraction
  • Investment Allocation
  • Post Timesheets
  • Post to WIP
  • Post Transactions to Financial
  • Rate Matrix Extraction