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LDAP: error code 65 - Object Class Violation on FullName attribute


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CA Identity Manager


After Parallel upgrade, you get this error, it still works as expected in Legacy but fails in the New IDM setup.

The error we see in LDAP is CN is not getting updated, hence the error.

21:24:14,642 ERROR [] Failed to create managed object ObjectType::USER with unique name uid=p******,ou=people,dc=****,dc=com Error message from the directory: [LDAP: error code 65 - Object Class Violation]
21:24:14,644 ERROR [im.provisioning] [LDAP: error code 65 - Object Class Violation]
21:24:14,644 ERROR [com.netegrity.ims.exception.EventExecuteStateException] Execution of event: CreateUserEvent failed. Exception encountered: [LDAP: error code 65 - Object Class Violation]



Release : 14.4

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


In one of the new14.4 environments the FullName LAH was apparently not firing even though it appeared to be enabled in the Management Console. It works fine another 14.4 environment. There may be some corruption in the LAH definition in the Object Store.


Delete the FullName LAH in the Management Console.

Restart the Environment.

Re-add the FullName LA via the Management console.

Restart the Environment.