UIM - SQLServer probe configured via MCS raising unwanted alerts
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UIM - SQLServer probe configured via MCS raising unwanted alerts


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


This article documents a product defect and fix for an issue with configuring the SQLServer probe via MCS results in unwanted alerts being created. 

Problem Summary: 
- We applied the template “SQL Server (Enhanced)” on a device, during application of the profile “SQL Server (Enhanced)”, we did not enable any QoS in the OC of profile “SQL Server (Enhanced)”, however we see the default alarm policy created and alerts were generated through the default checkpoints active in the config file but not from OC alarm policies.


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - SQLSERVER


Please be aware the latest sqlserver_mcs_templates_5.47 is now GA and available for download via the below link: 
- https://support.broadcom.com/download-center/solution-detail.html?aparNo=LU03769&os=MULTI-PLATFORM

Stop unwanted alarm generated by probe when profile got created through MCS with no QOS enabled

Steps to apply the patch:
1. Import the Probe template package(v5.47) into the local archive.
2. Deploy the imported package to the robot system.
3. Migrate the probe template package from 5.46 to 5.47

Fixed Defects:
DE515833 : sqlserver probe 5.45.1 mcs template - Alarms generated with no QOS enabled in MCS profile
DE506174 : MCS profile trigger alerts for not configured parameters

Note: Default alarm policy should be disabled to avoid unwanted alarms
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