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Resource creation via XOG and employmentType tag


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


When creating users in Clarity via XOG, the corresponding resource is also created. At creation the Employee Type field defaults to Employee even if the attribute does not have any default value. The user should be created with a NULL value instead


If no employmenttype tag is included or an invalid value is provided on the XML file, then is defaulted to Employee


If "employmenttype" attribute is not included in resource write XML file the output file will generate a warning that resource's employee type is invalid and it will default to "Employee".

The warning message should be displayed in the following scenarios:-
1. For insert of a new record
- If the employmentType attribute is not specified at all
- If the employmentType attribute has been specified but its an invalid one

2. For the Update of an existing record
- If the employmentType attribute specified is invalid

Warning message:

'Employee Type null is invalid. Hence this column data has been defaulted to Employee.'