DC027007 Abend Code 4807 WRITE PRINTER
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DC027007 Abend Code 4807 WRITE PRINTER


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IDMS IDMS - Database


Getting the following error code for online programs:

DC027007 V10 T185 TASK:ADS2 PROG:xxxxxx ABENDED WITH CODE 4807  


Release : 19.0

Component : IDMS/DB


When sending a report to the printer, IDMS first writes it to the queue area DDLDCRUN, then the printer gets it from there.
The 4807 error is usually caused by the queue area being full.


Run PRINT SPACE to check the space available in the DDLDCRUN area.
Some queues will have to be deleted to free up space in the area. 

Run task QUED to delete all expired queues.
Task code QUED LIST will list all the unexpired queues in the area.
Task QUED PROMPT will list each queue and prompt you to delete unexpired queues. 
Queues can also be deleted with DCMT VARY QUEUE DELETE.

Another solution is to FORMAT the DDLDCRUN area but then all queues will be lost. You may want to take a backup of the area first.


Additional Information

See documentation sections PRINT SPACE, DCMT VARY QUEUE and  QUED System Task