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Performance issue with Remaining Availability column for long duration projects


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Clarity PPM SaaS


For a long duration project, adding the 'Remaining Availability' field in the Totals column causes the performance to degrade.  



Release : 16.0.0



1. Login to v16.0.0 machine and navigate to MUX

2. Go to any Project  which has a duration of 5+ yrs and navigate to Staff tab.

3. Allocate atleast 50 resources to the Project and don't include 'Remaining Availability' field in the list view

4. The page loads in a couple of seconds

5. Now add the 'Remaining Availability' field from the Totals column

Expected Results: The page to respond and return results within reasonable time

Actual Results: The page takes more than 1 minute to load and at times never comes back and times out.

Workaround: Under the Settings page, reduce the Start and End Period to 3 months and the page loads faster.



This is a defect (DE63361) and has been fixed in 16.0.1

Additional Information

Code changes have been implemented to pre-compute the 'Remaining Availability'.  With this change, users may see stale data.  The data will be updated when the 'Time Slicing Sync' job executes.