How to filter the Roles in Access Module - Applications tab
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How to filter the Roles in Access Module - Applications tab


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In this article, we will suggest a way to filter the Tasks (Roles) when you have Internal and External users and the user can select only their specific roles


Identity Portal 14.x

Identity Manager 14.x


- You need to set a Provisioning Role's attribute with "internal" or "external" to Identity Portal compared with the User's attribute.

In this configuration we are using the Role "Comments" attribute in the Identity Manager, see image below:


- After that, RESTART "CAIM" connector in the Identity Portal Admin UI

- In the Identity Portal Admin UI check the "Execution Plan" associated with the "Target Permission" you would like to filter

- You can change the "Execution Plans" associated or create a new one and set the new one in the "Target Permissions"

- Edit the "Execution Plans" and select "ATTRIBUTE FILTER"

- Below is how the "Execution Plans" was set up:


The "Execution Plans" will compare the Comments attribute of the Provisioning Role with the User's Title


Note: You can select a different User attribute to compare, this is just a sample.


Additional Information

For further information about the "Execution Plans" see the documentation below: