Can Java UI connect to Automic Automation v21 or superior
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Can Java UI connect to Automic Automation v21 or superior


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CA Automic One Automation


Can the Java UI client (12.0.x) connect to Automic Automation version 21.0 or superior through a CP port or the TLS port?


Component: Automation Engine 21.x or superior

Sub-Component : Java UI 12.0.x


Java UI 12.x not supported with Automation Engine 12.x and superior.


The legacy Automic Java UI 12.x can no longer connect to Automation Engine 21.x version and superior to avoid potential object corruption or broken features.

We remind you that AWI is the only GUI supported for Automic 21.x and superior versions(even though it could connect to Automic 12.x versions, this was not supported).

The Java UI cannot connect to Automic v21 with the same error message with both CP ports and the TLS gateway, and will throw the following error message:

U04006523 Could not establish a connection to AE system.

U04002801 "The current UserInterface version ""12.1.1"" is not compatible with version ""21.0.0"" of the AutomationEngine."