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Import rule mapping failure during the RiskFabric Processing job step Run Staging Procedures


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Information Centric Analytics


Events or entity details from a data source integration are not being ingested into the Information Centric Analytics (ICA) console. The nightly RiskFabric Processing job completes but an examination of the job history in the SQL Server Agent log viewer shows a failure during the job step Run Staging Procedures. The following error is captured in the SQL Server Agent log and in the RiskFabric Log_DataTransformation table:

Step Name: Run Staging Procedures

LogGroupID=<ID>;LogID=<ID>;LogGroupDescription=Integration Wizard - spIW_RunImportRuleMappingStaging @i_nImportRuleMappingID = <ID>;ErrorDesc=Error Msg: Error converting data type varchar to bigint.Line  Number: <n>


Release : 6.5.4

Component : Integration Wizard


This can be caused by a data source import rule mapping that attempts to map a field with non-numeric characters to an ID or bigint field.

This can also happen when a data source integration has a hardcoded non-numeric Risk Fabric Processing Watermark value specified in its Integration Wizard (IW) mapping (e.g., a datetime value). This can be confirmed by navigating in the console to Admin > Integration > Data Integrations, expanding the integration pack in question, and editing its Import Rule Mapping.


If the failure is caused by an incorrect field mapping, follow the instructions in the Symantec ICA Integration and Solution Accelerator Guide to select the appropriate field mappings and formulas needed for your data source integration.

If a RiskFabric Processing Watermark value has been set in the import rule mapping, remove it. The Symantec ICA Integration and Solution Accelerator Guide directs users (here) to leave the Risk Fabric Processing Watermark field blank in the import rule mapping. Removing the watermark value in the mapping will resolve the data type conversion error during staging.

Additional Information

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