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Can AE DB Utilities be used to reclaim space in the database?


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Can AE DB Utilities be used to reclaim space in the database?


Release : 12.X



No, reclaiming space has to be done by the DBA

AE Utilities are used for maintaining a database by ensuring that data records are regularly archived and reorganized. 
The involved process has direct impact on the size of the AE database and positively affects the performance of your AE system since it removes entries on your database.  
However, reclaiming space has to be done by the DBA. Additionally we strongly recommend that:

  • Run AE.DB Archive, AE.DB Reorg and AE.DB Unload on a regular, consistent basis.  Maintenance should be run daily, weekly or monthly depending upon your business cycle and enterprise size.
  • DBA perform index rebuild of all the tables regularly (once a month).
  • Deactivate automatically your activity windows in order to keep control over table growth and avoid possible adverse effects on performance.

Performance Improvement

The archiving, reorganizing and unloading processes can take some time if huge amounts of data are involved. The following tips can help to improve performance by accelerating the above processes:

  • When reorganizing, avoid using the option "Keep the last n statistics." By doing so, the utility AE DB Reorg does not count all statistical records of all objects but directly starts the reorganization process using the date as a basis.
  • Only reorganize reports if they should be reorganized before the statistical records. If this option is not activated, the utility AE DB Reorg reorganizes reports together with the statistical records.
  • In the utility AE DB Unload, specify that no REORG files should be generated. The corresponding parameter suppress_output= is available in the INI file section [REORG].