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VIP LDAP sync fails with Error 18524: Userstore load failed.


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VIP Service


LDAP sync job consistently failing. DEBUG-level logs show the following error:

DEBUG "2021-07-21 12:02:40.533 GMT-0400" "[VipDiagnostic:testLDAPConnectivityFromValServer]
Userstore load failed: Error 18524 occurred at VSAuthPropertiesOps.cpp:183.
Description: VSAuthPropertiesLoad() -- Failed to open configuration file ../conf/"


The file seen in the log has been moved or deleted from the original location (\VIP_Enterprise_Gateway\conf). Manually deleting files in this way is not supported. 



If the file exists, adjust file permissions to allow the VIP LDAP service to read the file.

If the file does not exist, stop all validation and IdP service from the VIP EG console, then delete all user stores from the VIP Enterprise Gateway User Store tab. After restarting the VIP EG service, add the user stores back one-by-one. Perform an LDAP sync simulation after each addition and verify it was successful.