Computer reboots without warning
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Computer reboots without warning


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When a SD Job with a reboot is sent to a computer, the reboot dialog box appears :

If we click on Defer button and later we logoff and logon again, the computer reboots without displaying a message or warning.



Client Automation - All Versions.


When the logoff is done, the process cfCafDialog.exe is stopped. But caf has still the reboot timer active.
At the end of reboot timer, caf initiates the reboot without message as process cfCafDialog.exe is no more present.


As solution/workaround this could be used :
- In configuration policy applied on the computers, set this parameter :
DSM/Common Components/CAF/General/CAF: Custom reboot command = shutdown -r -t 300
When caf should perform a reboot it will execute this command :
shutdown -r -t 300
This Windows command displays a message indicating that a reboot will occur in 5 minutes (=300 seconds).
So end user will see this before the reboot :
This could give time to user to save opened files.