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How can we have a user have access to multiple tenants but not have admin privileges?


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We have 2 tenants in our Performance Management environment and we have given users to access the tenants separately but some users required to access both the tenants. How can we have the users that need to access both tenants do so?


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Question: How can we have a user have access to both tenants but not have admin privileges?


Answer: To accomplish this you will need to have a user at the top level, outside of the tenants themselves.  This user will NOT be able to "administer a tenant" but will be able to (after configuration) report on the groups within the tenant.  As this user is also at the top level, saved dashboards within the tenants will not be accessible from outside of the tenant so if this is the case, they will need to replicated for this new user outside of the tenant.

To create the user login as a top level (not administering a tenant) administrator, for example "admin" and create a user.  You can give this user the role of say IT Operator or the like that fits your access restrictions/requirements.  In the user configuration under Access Permissions, you will need to give them direct access to the tenant groups that they need to have access to.  This can be the case of non, some, or all of the groups as you can pick and choose.

Once saved, this user will be able to login to the NetOps Portal and target the newly assigned groups with reports and dashboards to be able to pull data from within either of the tenants.