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Deleting multiple job instances with GJTRJARC for a given time period


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We have multiple instances loaded into Jobtrac from the same schedule or event.  Currently we are using the GJTRJARC JCL 
to delete  particular schedule loaded jobs in Jobtrac and it is completely deleting all jobs inside that BUSGROUP.
If we want to delete only jobs from a particular date or a particular time period from the schedule,  how to do it? 
Example If we want to delete only 12/01 instances from the schedule or only 12/02 to 12/03, what parm needs to be passed 
inside the JCL?


Release : 11.0

Component : JOBTRAC


To delete just an instance on a particular date (only 12/01) or a range (only 12/02 to 12/03) add the operand T=
to parms used with GJTRJARC.   The format is T=hhmm/mmdd-hhmm/mmdd where hhmm is a four-digit number 
specifying the time (0001-2359) and mmdd is a four-digit number specifying the date (0101-1231).

See example below:

   T=0001/1201-2359/1201 (only 12/01)  
   T=0001/1201-2359/1201 (only 12/02 to 12/03)